The map below is an interactive map of the sky, currently the map is centered on:
RA: 12 00 00 Dec: 0 0 0

  • Point your mouse at any object and a Basic Information Window will automatically appear, providing basic data about the object.
    • If you mouse-click once while this Basic Information Window is visible, the Object Page will open. An Object Page contains detailed information about the object. In addition an Object Page may display photos of the object, articles and external links for more information.

  • By zooming in and out you can change the scale of the map. To change the zoom level either click and drag the slide or single click it to change the zoom by one step.

  • Click and hold on the map and drag it to scroll.

  • Clicking on the in the upper right will take you to the Sky Map website and a larger view centered in the same spot.
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