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current night sky over Palmdale, CA

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SOLAR ECLIPSE ON AUGUST 21. The eclipse will not be total from the Antelope Valley but will still be impressive at 71% of total.  Because so many of our members are traveling to the path of totality, WE WILL NOT BE HOSTING A LOCAL EVENT.   There will be no event at the SAGE Planetarium. Information on the local times can be found here:

Since we are still getting inquiries, we want to clarify that the Antelope Valley Astronomy Club has exhausted our supply of eclipse glasses. We do not have any more for distribution to the public.

The Antelope Valley Astronomy Club has been handing free eclipse glasses out at some of our events since Memorial Day weekend and we have no more to give.  As of our meeting at the SAGE Planetarium on Friday 8/11, and our event at Prime Desert Woodland Preserve on Sat 8/12, we had handed out approximately 1,000 to the community.

Most online retailers have exhausted their supplies as well and we do not know where you can get them. 


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Friday, Oct 13, 2017, 7:00PM - 9:00PM
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